Monday, June 11, 2012

My Dirty Little Secret

I've got a dirty little secret.

It's been buried deep in my heart since I was in eighth grade at Block High School in Jonesville, LA.

I wanted to be a runner.  Well, actually, I wanted to jump hurdles.
We had to jump hurdles in p.e. one day and I thought it was just the BEST part of p.e., ever.  But, being a SMALL town, there was no track team, no reason to run, so I put that dream away.

Then, I started high school (in another equally small town).  Vidalia High School.  I was an overachiever and sought after getting as many A+'s and 100%'s as possible.  P.E. was one area where it was hard to  achieve perfection as I was not a very athletic child.  However, with the running "unit" if you will, I knew exactly what needed to be done to get an "A" many minutes I had to run around that pretty neighborhood behind the school to get that "A" was like an apple being held in front of the donkey's mouth to get it to go faster.  I did what it took to get that "A", but never more.  I never came in first place, but I always did  my best.

Fast forward to college.  A roommate of mine invites me to run around the P.Mac at LSU.  For exercise...not to outrun the serial killer that was haunting everyone.  And I did it.  And it felt great (well, in that achy, sticky, kind of way that happens when you just GO FOR IT in the heat of Louisiana in the spring).

But, then I got engaged and moved into an apartment and didn't run and didn't even think about running. day...maybe two years ago?  My friend, Nicole, posts pictures of something called "The Warrior Dash".  Then, a few other friends (also in Louisiana, I've moved to Nebraska by this time) start posting on facebook about running...and my competitive, "If they can do it I can do it" spirit starts to grow.

Recently, it seems like all of facebook caught on fire with posts about running, signing up for 5K's, 1/2 marathons, etc, etc.  And, that 8th grader who wanted to be on track was BACK BABY!  She just didn't know how to "get 'er done".  After reading a post my friend, Lexi, wrote, about her Color Run, I knew I really wanted to do that event (and the Warrior Dash...maybe next year?).

And thanks to Megan seeing a post I wrote on facebook about a Zombie Run (SIGN ME UP!), now we are heading to Des Moines in October to do a Color Run!  YAY! (it's okay to eat Chick Fil A after a run, right?  Because DM has one!)

Well, YAY for now...I haven't started training yet.  But, I am confident I can do it.  Why?  Because I accidentally took the boys on a 5k adventure (they were on their bikes) the other day and...I didn't die!  So, I think we will go on more bike rides, but this time, I will wear sneakers and running shorts, not denim and flip me look the part a little better, right? 

So, now that you know my dirty little secret, stick around and see how these adventures go as I train for a 5K with a jogging stroller full of a 45 lb 3 year old, a 6 year old on a bike with training wheels, my 9 year old on his "trickster" bike, and all the hills Omaha has to offer.  It should be a real fun time, y'all!

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  1. You girls have totally got this! When Jeni Mangum and I started running, we couldn't even go a half mile without stopping and gasping for breath. Eventually, we kept pushing ourselves every time we hit La Franiere park to go a little further each time. Instead of stopping at the park bench, we ran past it for the tree. The next time, we'd pass the tree and go to the stop sign. It may seem like you're moving slowly, but every little but counts.

    Kudos to you for signing up for a race! That's what Jeni and I did to find motivation and focus to reach our goal. We knew we had to keep pushing through because we had already payed for our race! Our first race was a 5k (3.2 miles) and our next was a 10k (6.2 miles). I've now run 4 5k's, 1 10k, and two 1/2 marathons and I'm training for my third 1/2 marathon right now. And this from the girl who couldn't run the mile in high school without stopping!! I get people who say, well, you love to run, but the honest truth is I don't. I don't love to run (Troy does!) but I love the challenge and the free t-shirt (haha!) and how I feel after I'm done.

    But, like I said, The Color Run is a whole different ball of wax because you're not just running this grueling stretch with no end in sight-- you have something to look forward to at every turn. I find that the short, sweet, fun runs are so much more fun and doable than traditional races. And there is always something going on somewhere! I know you ladies will do great!! And just to comfort your non-running minded friends-- there are people who walk The Color Run, people who jog it and people who haul running it. There are even people pushing strollers at the end of the pack-- so you can go as slow or as fast as you want. Really, truly.

    Also, I think there's this misconception that skinny, athletic type people are the only ones who run races. I am not athletic, but I still do these races. It's like going to the beach or the gym-- there's this thought that only trim people are there, but that couldn't be further from the truth. It's just a bunch of normal, every day people with the occasional speed freak thrown in there. ;)

    You'll be amazed at all of the wonderful body types you see at the race! I love that-- It makes me feel like I can accomplish anything. :) Have so much FUN!!

    P.S. Just as an aside, please, please, don't put your bib number on your back. It goes on the front of your shirt so that photographers on the course can tag you later and you can see pictures of what you accomplished! The people who put their numbers on the back are usually newbies to racing. ;)


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